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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The Torah Channel Youtube channel CONFIRMS the third temple is under construction right now!

At 1:16 he says... "something very interesting hashem told ya learn about the building of the base of mikdash learn about the structure the dimensions of the base of mikdash and I'll consider it as if you built it." ... Mikdash means house of God.

There you have it. All you have to do to build the temple is to learn about the building and it will be considered as being built.

This guy is a riot if you watch any of his other videos. He is REALLY looking forward to being PLEASURED when Meshiak returns. He is one of the few Jews I've found on Youtube who are looking for Meshiak... aka Messiah.

I found another video that throws a kink in the works concerning the Third Temple being built on the Temple Mount, however. There are people who believe the Mosque that currently stands on the Temple Mount is not actually on the original location of the last Temple.

This theory makes sense. The Jews were not in Israel for hundreds of years. Things changed. People died. Nobody probably knows where the true location of the Temple is anymore. And, considering no stone was left on top of another one... good luck on finding the actual true location of the old Temple.

There are people that have theories though. They say the temple had to be built over water so they could cleanse the temple after the sacrifices. This would be hint #1 as to where the third temple will be built... somewhere over the water so they can cleanse the temple after the sacrifices.

This Youtube video suggests the Temple Mount is NOT the actual location of the old Temple.

This is a teaser for a Youtube video coming out next week concerning the true location of the old temple. I can't wait to watch this when it comes out.

So, it's entirely possible that the new temple will not be built on the Temple Mount. It could be built on a location where a group of scholars come together and agree 'this' is the location.

This changes things a little. If the third temple is NOT built on the Temple Mount then it may "peacefully" coexist near the al-Aqsa Mosque. I'm guessing there would be fewer issues with building the Temple if it doesn't get built on the Temple Mount. And yet... I'm sure there will be people who are not happy with the third Temple even being built. It could be viewed as encroaching on their "holy" ground. I am still leaning towards a holy third world war that requires a peacemaker to make a covenant with many.

Things are going to get very interesting.

UPDATE: The Israel Guys suckered me in. They conclusively proved over 4 videos that the Temple Mount IS the true and original location of the Temple Mount. It was NOT located somewhere else.

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