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  • Paul McArthur

Facebook BANNED!

Yes, it finally happened. The thought police suspended my account. What a way to start off Two's Day 2022.

What does this mean ultimately? Nobody will ever hear me say You go to hell if you repent of your sins. Repenting of your sins cannot save you.

Muslims repent of their sins and go to hell.

Jews repent of their sins and go to hell.

Baptists repent of their sins and go to hell.

That's the message that banned me from Facebook. Oh, I should add...

Facebook employees repent of their sins and go to hell... just as Mark Zuckerberg can repent of his sins and go to hell, too.

Repenting of your sins saves NO one.

What else? Facebook has labeled me, flagged me. And for some strange reason they have given up their ability to keep track of me. They no longer want to know what I think. They no longer want money from me. They no longer want to earn advertising revenue off of me. I guess losing 500,000 users means nothing to Facebook.

Goodbye Facebook!

The most diabolical thing about this is I had some business pages on Facebook. Fortunately, I never gave Facebook any money for advertising. That's ultimately why the cancelled me, I think. No advertising revenue from the businesses? We'll just cancel you and them, too. No great loss.

Goodbye Facebook!

Truth be told... this is probably the comment that got me banned from Facebook.

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