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  • Paul McArthur

Facebook Jail Repeat Offender

I have learned a few things about George Orwell's 1984 this week and the control men want to have over others concerning how they think and what they say and how they dole out punishment and restrictions in an attempt to coerce people into submission.

I violated the 'holy' standards of Facebook. What was my transgression? I posted a meme 'attacking' one religion and claimed the adherents of that religion were going to hell in spite of doing something good.

I said this particular religion repents of their sins and the adherents are still bound for hell. The point being that repenting of your sins does not get you into heaven. But, applying that thinking to one religion was considered and attack, an affront, to everybody in that one religion.

What was the penalty for that transgression?

Facebook banned me from posting on my newsfeed for 7 days. That was their way of saying... You said something that goes against OUR 'holy' standards and therefore you must pay the 'price'.

Now, you have to realize that Facebook doesn't really care what I think. They could not care less actually. It's not about what I think. It's about the BIG picture.

They gave me a new strike as well. They banned me from posting thoughts and comments to ALL GROUPS for 30 days! I've never received that strike before. But, you see, I've never posted a meme to both a group and my newsfeed that violated their 'holy' standards at the same time. And for that transgression I must pay a 30 day penalty. But, it gets better. And, this is where things really get nefarious. My eyes have been opened!

They ADDED 30 days to my CURRENT account restrictions where they are not allowing me to GIVE them ANY MONEY for advertising AND they are not allowing me to go 'live'. Yes, I already had a restriction for posting a meme of a Christmas ornament with Jeffrey Epstein's photo on it and the words "This ornament didn't hang itself".

Facebook claimed it violated their 'holy' standards against posting anything mocking suicide... you know... to protect those who might be struggling with the thought. Never mind the fact that the meme was actually stating the unacceptable false 'fact' that "Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself".

But, take note of the penalty. Pay closer attention. Facebook is not a multi-billion dollar company because it's a nice app for people to use and have fun with. No. It's a multi-billion company because they collect and gather and sell information on people. PLUS, they make money selling advertising. THEY WANT YOUR BUSINESS!

Do you have a business page on Facebook? They want your money! Please give us your money so we can advertise your business on the largest social platform in the world. And, oh yes, if you violate any of our 'holy' standards then we will HURT your business by not allowing you to give us your money to advertise and promote your business. That is the nefarious thing Facebook is doing.

They gave me 90 days for the Jeffrey Epstein meme. They tacked on 30 days for the latest meme. Do you see something wrong here? The first 'offense' was 90 days and the second 'offense' was only 30 days. Usually the penalty increases with each offense and not decreases.

Facebook has a problem. They desire money and control but, if they shoot their customers over their thoughts, opinions and beliefs then they simply aren't going to have any customers. So, they have to find a balance. They have to find a way to spank customers for the things they believe while not causing them to totally leave the platform altogether.

That is what I have learned about Facebook this week. And I'm sure there's more under the surface than what you see on top. You see... their automated intelligence was swift and immediate. It wasn't one of those... we found something you posted 6 months ago and now we want to penalize you for it. No, they found something 'offensive' the moment it was posted and then they whacked me for it.

What have I learned from this experience? Well, I have learned to not offend one religion. That's fine. I will endeavor to offend all religions at the same time. That way they cannot claim I am being racist... which I am not.

My point in posting the meme was to say... You think repenting of your sins is a requirement for getting into heaven? No, it's not. You can NOT do any good work to EARN your entrance into heaven. Most religions teach that you must do good works to assure your entrance into heaven. All adherents to those religions will be standing at the judgment saying "Lord, Lord did we not do many wonderful WORKS in thy name?" The response from Jesus will be "Depart from me for I NEVER knew you."

They gave me the chance to object and I ALWAYS OBJECT. It won't do any good but, I got to say my peace. The moral of the story? Never give up. Never give in.

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