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Fasting and Intermittent Fasting

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

My old FedEx driver paid me a visit this afternoon and I told him about Dr Berg on Youtube.

I shared with him my intermittent fasting schedule (3pm - 9am) and talked about fasting (42 hours, 6pm Friday to noon Sunday) in general.

I generally do intermittent fasting every day. I start eating around 9am and stop eating around 3pm. That's a 6 hour window of eating and an 18 hour window of fasting.

Dr Berg says that when you fast for 18 hours your body enters into a phase called Autophagy. I had to go look that up:

Definition of autophagy

: the biological process that involves the enzymatic breakdown of a cell's cytoplasm or cytoplasmic components (such as damaged or unneeded organelles or proteins) within the lysosomes of the same cell Most of the time, cells sweep away this debris. They even recycle it for fuel.

Dr Berg says fasting 24 hours leads to more KETONES being produced and more fat being burned.

48 hours leads to more stem Cell production.

Another study conducted by researchers at MIT revealed that stem cells drastically increased their rate of regeneration when the subject was in a "fasted state." More specifically, stem cells extracted after the fasting period and cultured showed a double in their regenerative capacity, meaning the stem cells could proliferate into higher numbers with greater efficiency. This discovery was found in both aged and young subjects equally.

I started intermittent fasting back in November. I didn't do 6/18. It was more like 8/16 or something like that. Then around Christmas I tried a 42 hour fast once a week. I did that because changing my diet wasn't helping my blood pressure much. I have found that when I do a 42 hour fast once a week my blood pressure has gone back to normal. Plus, I eat little to no sugar or sugar substitutes, less carbs and generally more proteins.

Dr Berg recommended B1, K2+D3 and for sleeping he suggested Potassium & Magnesium. I found the Potassium & Magnesium has helped with sleep lately. I put links on the products I bought. Dr Berg doesn't recommend any particular brand.

I checked my weight today. I weighed 183 lbs. I haven't been this weight in 20+ years....

The first time I did a 42 hour fast I was in church towards the end of the fast. I was sitting there waiting for the service to begin when I started getting spots in my eyes. That meant I was having some high blood pressure. The spots went away and I got better.

Your body will start to respond if you start making changes. If you don't make any changes then nothing will change.


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