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Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

There are a lot of changes you can make that will contribute towards weight loss. There isn't one magical thing you can do unless you call that one thing change your lifestyle.

Here are the things I suggest. Most of these ideas came from Dr Berg on YouTube.

- stop eating and drinking by 6 pm or 6:30 pm

- eat 3-4 eggs each day, with bacon if you want

- eat more protein

- eat more fat

- eat a large salad every day

- eat 4 cups of vegetables each day

- do intermittent fasting, reduce the window of time you eat each day

- have a cup of heated water with 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with mother before your first meal

- have more apple cider vinegar at night. You can spend $6 for a bottle or $14 for a gallon. I just started buying the gallon jugs.

- eat 2 meals instead of 3

- eat 1 meal instead of 2

- eat whatever you want in the window of time you set

- eat walnuts, pecans, cashews & pistachio nuts

- do not eat peanuts

- read labels

- eliminate everything with sugar(s)

- eliminate man-made additives, preservatives & sweeteners

- fast 48 hours once a week or every two weeks or once a month

- take supplements like

- eat Keto or pseudo Keto or Carnivore

- buy a RENPHO Bluetooth scale

- weigh yourself in the am and the pm

- follow @thecarnivoreuk on Instagram

- watch Dr Berg videos on YouTube

- exercise

- soak in Epsom salts

You lose weight through respiration. Do things that cause respiration to take place like exercising and soaking in Epsom salts.

Stop eating sugar and eating more protein will change your desire for food.

I do all of the above. I eat 3-4 eggs around 8am, with bacon. I eat a large salad with homemade Caesar salad dressing. Then I eat my meal for the week. The meal varies each week. I may eat nuts during this time as well. I'm usually done by 10 or 11 am. I did not get to this point in my life overnight. It took about a year.

On Friday nights I'll eat a slice of cheesecake from Jax Fish Fry. Cheesecake has more fat than sugar. At least that's what I tell myself. On Sundays I might go to Dreamette and get a small turtle (hot fudge, caramel and walnuts sundae - no cherry). CASH ONLY.

When I fast I start Friday night and end Sunday around 1 pm. If I feel hungry then I drink a little water with pink salt dissolved in it. That balances the electrolytes.

I weighed 200 lbs in August 2021 and had high blood pressure.

A year later I weighed 160 lbs and did not have high blood pressure anymore.

My pants went from a 38 inch waist down to 34 inch waist.

I turn the lights and tv off at night. I try to get 8 hours of sleep each night.

I have come to realize fat is good and sugar is bad. The Sugar Research Foundation paid 2 Harvard scientists to lie and say fat causes heart disease. SUGAR causes heart disease. And because everybody is now afraid of fat our health has steadily declined for the last 60 years.

One last thing... don't start off by doing everything on this list. I listed the things I'd suggest starting with first and then work on other things on the list. Work at your comfort level and do what you can do when you can and when you are ready to do something else.

Update 9/4/2023: My blood pressure has not been a problem since I made the changes two years ago. I have experienced visual auras on occasion but not at all this summer. I found out last weekend that I have cataracts. 'Yay'. Maintaining 160 lbs was not doable. I now weigh 175 lbs. This is very doable. However, I do not fast like I had been fasting. I like to eat. I hate not eating something. However, fasting may help with the cataracts. So, I need to position myself so I can fast once a week again. Dr Berg suggested a Kefir 'shake'. I don't have a blender and the food processor doesn't do a good job with blueberries. I found a coffee mug and an immersion blender does quite well and is a lot easier to clean up. I put a few organic blueberries in the mug, add a half cup of Kefir and the immersion blender goes to town on everything making it smooth to drink. Dr Berg also suggested more meat and pasture raised chicken eggs. Healthy eating doesn't have to be weird and boring. I can taste very good.

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