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  • Paul McArthur

Salvation vs Damnation

Faith in Jesus is salvation.

Faith in Good Works is damnation.

Faith in any other god is damnation.

Faith in Church Membership is damnation.

Faith in being a good person is damnation.

Faith in anything other than Jesus is damnation.

Turn from whatever you have faith in for salvation and turn to faith in Jesus.

Turn from your sins to Jesus! Nobody has faith that their sins will save them.

This is what is wrong with 'repent of your sins' salvation.

Salvation is based on your faith not your works. Sin is works, evil works. You can't turn from sins to faith and be saved because you don't have faith that your sins will save you.

Faith in repenting of your sins is damnation. Faith in Jesus is salvation.

You have to repent of your wrong faith and turn to faith in the only person that saves.

Bonus: Faith in Calvinism is damnation.

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