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Temple Train to Open in 2023!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

I never knew there was a temple train in the works. I just found out today that they have been building a high speed train to facilitate the transport of people "from 70 nations" to the Temple mount from Ben Gurion Airport.

Hope For Our Times Youtube channel shared this information today. I don't agree with Tom Hughes theology, he's pre-trib, but this is where I heard about it first.

Here are some other websites that confirm what he said in the video.

A high-speed train is precisely what is needed for Passover, when all of Israel is required to bring their sacrifice to the Temple,” Fish told Breaking Israel News. “ Hashem (God, literally ‘the name) is preparing the way for the pilgrims to arrive at the Temple. said this last week...

"Transportation infrastructure will play an essential role in the Third Temple as ‘7’ a “House of Prayer for All Nations.”* This was clearly in the minds of the Jerusalem municipality when they distributed brochures in the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem in July to address concerns about increasing the light rail system. The brochures featured religious Jews riding the light rail to the Third Temple, bearing animal and vegetable sacrifices."

Remember what happened to Cain when God found favor with Abel's animal sacrifice offering and not Cain's vegetable offering? Some things never change.

Train service is expected to be completed in 2023, just in time for the April 5th Passover holiday. That does not mean the sacrifices will start again next year or they will even have a temple built by next year. But, this is VERY interesting.

Here is an observation I just had. If I have the numbers right then:

The Covenant with Many should take place in January or February ~3.5 years BEFORE the Day of Atonement aka the Second Coming.

So, if the Covenant is made in January 2023 then the Sacrifices should begin in September 2023 and the Second Coming should begin in September 2026.

I think 2023 is too early. I am still leaning towards building a new temple, not commandeering something on the temple mount to use as the third temple.

* I had to Google ‘7’ a “House of Prayer for All Nations”. Google came back with Isaiah 56:7 for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people. Now I know what '7' is.

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