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  • Paul McArthur

The 5 Day Rapture

Everybody knows about Daniel's 70th week. Or do they? There's a problem most people overlook. Nobody that I know of uses a full 7 years. I could be wrong about that.

Daniel's 70th week is calculated as 12 months * 7 years * 30 days or 2520 total days.

Problem: The Hebrew calendar loses 5 days every year using 30 day months. That means everybody is missing 7 * 5 days or 35 days. Most people account for 30 days with the Temple cleansing and say that's close enough. That's not good enough for me. The 5 days for the 7th year needs to be accounted for, too.

I'm coming up on a year since the light came on in my head and now 2520 days or 2550 days doesn't cut it for me. I don't want CLOSE to 7 years. I want a FULL 7 years. That means Daniel's 70th week IS 2555 days... nothing less.

The Tribulation period takes the full first half of Daniel's 70th week... 1260 days.

The second half of Daniel's 70th week is 1260 days as well. The bible says the Great Tribulation lasts 75 days. That leaves 1185 days for God's Wrath.

You still have (7) 5 day adjustments missing.

The Temple will be cleansed for 30 days. That gets us (6) of the 5 day adjustments and gets us 2550 days total.

That leaves (1) 5 day adjustment left for the 7th year.

This is why I'm saying the Second Coming isn't in a moment nor a twinkling of an eye. The Second Coming is actually 5 days long.

What happens in a moment or a twinkling of an eye is WE ARE CHANGED.

Nobody I know of says the Second Coming lasts 5 days. They are concerned with being branded as crazy. The lying Pre-Trib pastors just look for the most popular people pleasing pre-trib rapture message they can find. Gotta tickle ears and get that tithe money.

What I've come to realize is there is going to be 1260 days of Tribulation, then 75 days of Great Tribulation, 5 days for the Second Coming, 1185 days of God's Wrath, ending with 30 days to cleanse the Temple. All that adds up to a PERFECT 7 years of 2555 days.

And then... hold on to your seat. Jesus fulfilled the first 4 feasts DURING the feasts when he was on earth. Jesus will fulfill the last 3 feasts the same way when He returns, too.

The feast of Trumpets is first. Jesus will fulfill that feast by sending 3 angels to the earth to 1) preach the everlasting gospel, 2) announce Babylon has fallen and 3) to pronounce a curse on all who have taken the mark of the beast. Revelation 14:6-10.

This will take the angels 10 days to accomplish. Why? The next feast is 10 days later.

The next feast is the Day of Atonement. This will be when the Second Coming takes place. Why? The next feast is 5 days later. That's where I'm getting 5 days for the Second Coming... the time between the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Booths is 5 days and Jesus will fulfill the feasts exactly as they are laid out.

The number of days ARE known... 1260, 75, 5, 1185, & 30. I may be the first person crazy enough to say the Second Coming takes 5 days.

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