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  • Paul McArthur

The False Gospel of Larry Wilson

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

I received a pamphlet in the mail last week from the ministry of the dead Larry Wilson. I've never heard of Larry but, for some reason somebody felt I should have his pamphlet. The pamphlet was entitled "Once Saved Always Saved?".

Notice the question mark. That could mean this is a pamphlet confirming that Once Saved you are Always Saved. Or it could mean this pamphlet questions Once Saved Always Saved.

On the bottom it says Proclaiming The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

We are to proclaim the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ not the 'Revelation'. This is a sign things aren't going to go well.

The last sentence of the first paragraph asks this question: Does the Bible teach that once you have given your life to Christ and professed that Jesus is Lord, you are saved and can never backslide?

The answer is No. And, I'm sure Larry would say Good Answer!

You might say WHOA, PAUL wait a minute. Let me explain...

As Mona Lisa Vito once said, "It is a trick question!". His question does not hold water because "The defense is WRONG!" His argument does not have Positraction. It is a false dichotomy.

You are NOT saved because you have given your life to Christ.

You are NOT saved because you professed that Jesus is Lord.

Giving your life to Christ and Professing Jesus is Lord are works... good works.

You are not saved by works. You are saved by faith alone.

Once you are saved you CAN and WILL backslide. You WILL sin. And, you will continue to sin as long as you live in your corrupt body and do not stay in the spirit.

Larry's question is based on another gospel that is not the gospel. Larry's question shows that he believed in the gospel of good works. Give your life to Christ and you're saved. Profess the name of Jesus and you're saved. Neither of those works will save you. And you will LOSE your salvation IF you backslide.

Larry questioned Eternal Security because he did not believe. Faith is the ONLY thing that saves. Larry died from ALS. I wonder what it's like to have ALS and scream in pain in hell? (Insert gif of Trump mocking a reporter here.)

I just had a thought. Hell will have nothing but sin. Hell will not have any righteousness whatsoever. Heaven will not have any sin. Heaven will only have righteousness.

The Good News IS once you are saved you are ALWAYS saved. The Good News is not... you have to give your life to Christ... you have to profess the name of Jesus... you have to stop sinning... you have to sin less... you have to try to stop sinning... you have to want to stop sinning... you have to be willing to sin less... you have to NOT backslide. The Good News of the Gospel is NOT you can lose your salvation.

Larry thought that since Angels could choose to sin and stop following God then man can do the same thing. But, man is not an Angel. Angels do not have a spirit. Angels can not choose Jesus as Savior. Angels do not have a Savior. Jesus did not die as a propitiation for their sins. Hell was created for the angels.

Man has a dead spirit. When Man chooses to believe the Gospel the Holy Spirit quickens Man's spirit and makes his spirit alive. Larry thought man was like angels therefore man can do the same as angels. Larry was wrong.

Mother Teresa "gave her life to Christ" and "professed Jesus is Lord". She is in hell. Mother Teresa did many good works in the name of Jesus. She will be dead and at the judgment seat saying Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

Jesus never told Nicodemus: Give Your Life to ME and Profess MY name and you will have eternal life... don't backslide and you won't lose your salvation.

Jesus told Nicodemus he had to do ONE thing: Whosever BELIEVETH in ME shall not perish but have everlasting life.

People do not want to believe Jesus. People do not want to believe the bible. People do not want to believe that faith is the only thing that will save you. Larry Wilson did not want to believe in faith alone for salvation. Therefore, he could not believe in eternal security. Larry tried to make bad theology fit good theology by making something up that sounds good. Larry had another gospel. Larry died and went to hell.

Paul, you're splitting hairs. No, I'm splitting heresy. There is a difference.

Salvation is by faith alone calling on the name of Jesus.

Salvation is not giving your life to Jesus. Salvation is not professing Jesus is Lord. Salvation is not: 'not backsliding'... not sinning... sinning less... trying to not sin... trying to sin less... keeping the law... changing your mind and losing your salvation.

People think somebody is saved because they got them to pray the sinner's prayer! They said the magic words! They're saved!

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith is not the magic words of some sinner's prayer.

They are not saved if they don't believe no matter what prayer they prayed. They are not saved if they don't have faith. They are not saved if a corrupt tree gives them "another" gospel. An unbeliever cannot get anybody saved... even accidentally. A corrupt tree cannot give somebody "the" gospel and get them saved.

A corrupt tree produces evil fruit. Larry Wilson is burning in hell and anybody who has prayed the "sinner's prayer" from his teaching is going to hell, too.

THAT'S STRAIT. THAT'S NARROW. That's what the Bible says.

Larry had another gospel that is not the gospel. Larry had no eternal security and now he has the eternal reality of hell forever.

You can read the foolish 'wisdom' of the man named Larry Wilson here:

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