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  • Paul McArthur

The Rapture Hidden in the Bible

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

The rapture is pictured in the bible in various stories in the Bible.

These stories follow a pattern:

a. A certain length of time or distance is involved.

b. Somebody gets "saved", rescued, released, raptured or carried away.

c. The event takes place a little over half way through the entire period of time.

1. The story of the tribulation / rapture involves:

- a period of 7 years

- the saints are raptured

- the rapture takes place 1335 days into the 2520 day period

2. The story of the disciples rowing across the Sea of Galilee (John 6:16-21) involves:

- the width of the sea, 55 furlongs

- they were immediately at land when Jesus got in the boat

- the length they rowed, 25-30 furlongs out of 55 furlongs

3. The story of Jehoiachin's captivity involves:

- The 70 year Babylonian captivity

- Jehoaichin was released aka saved

- The length of his captivity was 37 years out of the 70 years total

4. The Jubilee (10th day of the 7th month of the year) involves:

- The length of a year ie 12 months * 30 days or 360 days

- A trumpet sounds proclaiming the Jubilee

- The number of days in the year to the jubilee, 190 days out of 360

Now... do the math...

1. the Rapture

take the total days of tribulation, 2520

take the number of the day of the rapture, 1335

divide 1335 by 2520 = 53%

2. the Sea of Galilee story

take the width of the sea, 55 furlongs

take the length they had rowed, say 29 furlongs

divide 29 by 55 = 53%

3. Jehoiachin's captivity

take the total length of the Babylonian captivity, 70 years

take the year Jehoiachin was released, 37 years

divide 37 by 70 = 53%

4. the Jubilee year

take the number of days in a year, 360

take the number of the day of Jubilee, 190

divide 190 by 360 = 53%


Enoch (aka Enos) caught up in the chariot (Genesis 4:26)

- The time between his birth and the flood 1421 years

- Enoch was caught up

- He was 752 years old

divide 752 by 1421 = 53%

All of these events take place 53% into the total time or distance involved... like the Rapture. Is there a hidden meaning? No. It's just interesting how God weaves the most looked for event into stories written throughout history.

This is not an original thought. I did not figure this out myself. I heard Steven Anderson say this in his sermon "1260, 1290 and 1335 Days". I just wanted to write the information and numbers down in a simple fashion.

There is nothing accidental, incidental, or inconsequential in the bible.

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