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  • Paul McArthur

The Second Coming will occur on the 11th - 15th days of the 7th month of the Jewish year

The Second Coming will take place during the 2nd feast of the harvest season... the Day of Atonement. That feast is observed during the 11th - 15th days of the 7th month of the Jewish calendar.

We don't know what year this will be, yet.

We are on a Gregorian calendar. The 7th month of the Jewish calendar is usually the Gregorian month of September or October. The exact Gregorian day(s) depends on what year it is.

These are dates by year for the next observances:

2027 Oct 11 Oct 15

2028 Sep 30 Oct 04

2029 Sep 10 Sep 14

2030 Oct 07 Oct 11

The earliest year for the Second Coming is 2027 because the Tribulation and Great Tribulation will last 3.5 years. And, you need about 2 years to build a Temple so the antichrist can go in and proclaim himself to be God. So, 2027 is the earliest possible time for this to happen and that's not looking very promising right now, either.

The bible says no man knoweth the day nor the hour. Since this event lasts 5 days it is impossible to know the day or the hour any one believer is gathered up. But all believers will be gathered up during this 5 day period.

The bible says we shall be CHANGED in a moment in the twinkling of an eye. But, the bible does not say the Second Coming takes place instantaneously like that. The feast Jesus fulfills with his Second Coming is 5 days long. I figure it's going to take about 5 days to gather everybody up.

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