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  • Paul McArthur

Things to Say if You Want to be Persecuted

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Here is a list of things you can say if you want to be persecuted.

Jesus is God.

The Father is God.

The Holy Spirit is God.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are God.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit coexist as God & only as God at the same time.

Salvation is by faith alone... not works.

Repenting of your sins is works.

You do not have to repent of your sins to be saved.

You do not need works to be saved.

If you "believe" then that does not automatically mean you will have good works.

You are saved even if you 'just' believe and never have any good works.

John Calvin is in hell.

Man is NOT totally depraved AND unable to CHOOSE God.

God did NOT predestine who would go to heaven and to hell.

Jesus died for ALL especially those who BELIEVE.

God does not give people 'irresistible' grace.

Man has free will.

Man has to CHOOSE to believe.

God does not QUICKEN an unbeliever FIRST so they WILL become a believer.

Once an unbeliever chooses to believe God quickens them and makes them 'alive'.

No one 'HAS' to 'persevere' to the end in order to be saved.

Mother Teresa is in hell.

Michael Jackson is in hell.

Billy Graham preached turn from your sins to be saved & is in hell.

Every popular and/or rich preacher is evil, wicked & going to hell when they die and taking a lot of people with them.

Everybody who died thinking they needed works to be saved went to hell.

Catholics are going to hell.

Protestants are going to hell.

Southern Baptists are going to hell.

Mormons are going to hell.

Muslims are going to hell.

Jews are going to hell.

Buddhists are going to hell.

Non-denom churches are wicked and sending people to hell.

The only people who are not going to hell are those who are the remnant of God.

You need a believer to create a new believer.

A good tree produces good fruit.

A Non-believer cannot accidentally get somebody saved with the gospel.

A corrupt tree produces evil fruit.

You cannot get saved by reading a bible or a pamphlet.

Angels do not get people saved with the gospel.

Constantine did not get saved by a vision or a dream.

Catholicism came from a pagan religion and therefore is a pagan religion.

Another gospel is NOT the gospel.

Women should not preach or teach in the church or on Youtube.

Women should not usurp authority over men.

Women should be silent in church.

Women should not have broided hair.

Women should not have short hair.

Women should wear modest apparel.

Women should not wear gold, pearls, costly array.

Women should not wear men's clothes.

Adam was not deceived but, the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Men should not wear women's clothes.

Men should be head of the house.

Women should not be head of the house.

Wives should submit to their husbands.

Women should not look like men.

Men should not look like women.

Women should not wear pants.

Men should not wear womens' clothes.

There are no dispensations of time.

We are not in the dispensation of Grace.

Everybody since the beginning of time has been saved by faith alone.

There is no Church age.

Do not worship, venerate or pray to Mary.

Do not worship, venerate or pray to 'saints'.

Statues of Mary and the saints are idols.

God said Do not make an image of anything God created.

Call a man a man.

Call a woman a woman.

Will not call a man a woman.

Will not call a woman a man.

Do not recognize pronouns.

Do not celebrate Halloween.

Do not celebrate Christmas.

Say something against LGBTQ.

Say something against transgenderism.

Fornication is a sin.

Adultery is a sin.

Abortion is murder.

Kidnappers should be put to death.

Drinking alcohol is a sin.

The Jews are not God's chosen people.

Believers are now God's chosen people.

Those who deny Jesus is the Christ are liars and antichrists.

Every religion is NOT a pathway to heaven.

Once saved always saved.

And my personal favorite... Muslims can repent of their sins all they want and they'll still go to hell.

I have learned the error of my ways and know the appropriate thing to do is to offend ALL religions that advocate repenting of your sins for salvation saying they are ALL going to die and go to hell while repenting of their sins.

Most Americans won't say any of the things above.

Most Americans are not persecuted.

If you do not want to be persecuted then do not say anything above.

If you want to be persecuted then say any & all of the above.

This list is NOT all inclusive. Most Americans will take issue with most if not all of the things listed above... AND MORE.

I may just add more as they come to me if I think they are important enough like:

Men should not have long hair.

It is a SHAME for a man to have long hair.

Men and women should not have tattoos. See Leviticus 19:2.

If you want to be holy then do not put any marks on yourself.

If you want to be unholy then get tattoos.

The bible says we are to HATE the world and we are to HATE the things in the world. If you HATE the world then the love of the father is in you.

The lust of the flesh is sin.

The lust of the eyes is sin.

Pride is a sin.

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