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Pick Ur Rapture

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

I changed Rapture Calculator because somebody suggested making the calculator one where you enter the date of the Rapture and then calculate the events surrounding that date. I gave that some thought and really liked the idea. So, the calculator is now known as "Pick Ur Rapture". Here's why.

The main purpose for the Rapture Calculator is to give people an idea just how far away the Rapture really is. Preachers have lied to people for years saying "It could be happen any time! It could happen today!". Liars.

The Rapture can NOT be today UNLESS the events below have been fulfilled.

1. The Temple has been built.

2. The antichrist has made a covenant with many.

3. Tribulation begins.

4. The Temple sacrifices have begun.

5. The Abomination of Desolation has taken place.

6. The Great Tribulation has begun.

Note: The Rapture takes place 1335 days (3.5 years) AFTER the covenant is made, 75 days AFTER the Abomination of Desolation and Great Tribulation has begun.

Events 3 - 6 are calculable if you know the date the antichrist makes a covenant with many. Some people doubt we will know when that covenant is made. I'm thinking if the covenant is for a world war then the world will know when that covenant is made. People are stuck on everything being a secret... secret covenant, secret sacrifices, secret Abomination of Desolation and secret Rapture. Do they really think the antichrist will receive a secret deadly wound to the head and then secretly come back to life, too?

I think the building of the temple will be the start of events we can see. The bible doesn't tell us how long it will take to build the new temple. However, they say it'll take 2-3 years to build the temple. The number of days is just a guess. I am guessing the temple will be built 2 years before the start of the sacrifices. The calculator is just acknowledging the fact that you need a temple for the sacrifices to begin and guessing when it will start to be built.

In addition to that, building the temple is probably the reason why there's going to be a world war. And that is why there needs to be a covenant in the first place. Muslims around the world will be pissed off when the temple starts to be built. If we know when the covenant is made and then the sacrifices start 220 days afterwards then we are well on the way to knowing when the Rapture will take place.

The telltale sign is the day when the antichrist walks into the temple, sits down and proclaims himself to be God. Once the Abomination of Desolation takes place the bible says we only have 75 days left.

So, try Pick Ur Rapture. If ANY of the events listed before the Rapture have a date BEFORE 2022 then try again because events 1 - 6 above have NOT taken place YET.

You also need these events plus more:

1. The antichrist is killed by a deadly wound to the head.

2. The antichrist comes back from the dead.

3. The dragon makes men create an image to the beast aka the antichrist.

4. The dragon gives life to the image.

5. The dragon makes men worship the beast and take the mark of the beast.

6. Nobody can buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

It is virtually impossible for the Rapture to take place until ALL of the events AND MORE have taken place. Those who say all of the prophetic events have been fulfilled are liars.

Remember, once the covenant is made the Rapture is just 3.5 years away. That number is fixed. It is biblical.

PS. I am taking the first two calculators offline and making Pick Ur Rapture the only calculator.

What does the Pick Ur Rapture calculator do exactly?

You enter the date for the Rapture. The calculator will then do the following:

1. Estimates the start of the Temple being built by subtracting 1845 days from the Rapture. This number is not biblical. You need 2-3 years to build the temple so I took 1335 + 510 days and came up with an estimate of 1845 days. 2 years is 730 days. Subtract 220 days for the sacrifices to begin and you get 510 days.

So, add 510 days to the 1335 days to the rapture and you get the estimated 2 years from the time the sacrifices start to the time the temple starts to be built. If you're confused then look at #3 below. You'll get more confused.

2. Estimates the (same) day the antichrist makes a covenant with many & the beginning of the Tribulation by subtracting 1335 days from the Rapture. 1335 is derived from 1260 days of Tribulation followed by 75 days of Great Tribulation. Remember, we're working backwards from the day of the Rapture.

3. Estimates the start of the sacrifices. This one is always painful for me to calculate because I have to work backwards from the end of Daniel's 70th week where the temple is cleansed.

Daniels' 70th week starts with the antichrist making a covenant with many. This 'week' is 7 years or 2520 days long.

The bible says the number of days from the start of the sacrifices to the start of cleansing the temple is 2300 days. So, subtract 2300 from 2520 and you get 220 days.

This means the temple sacrifices start 220 days AFTER the antichrist makes a covenant with many & the Tribulation begins. See Daniel 8:13-14.

4. Estimates the beginning of the Great Tribulation by subtracting 75 days from the Rapture. Remember, the Rapture takes place 75 days after the Abomination of Desolation where the the antichrist goes into the temple, sits down and proclaims himself to be God & the Great Tribulation starts.

5. The calculator ADDS 1185 days to the Rapture to calculate the end of God's Wrath and the start of the temple being cleansed.

6. The calculator ADDS 1215 days to the Rapture to calculate the total time for God's Wrath plus the 30 days to cleanse the Temple giving you the End of 'everything' and the beginning of the millennial reign of Christ.

In summary you have 1260 days of Tribulation (starting with the covenant), 75 days of Great Tribulation (starting with the Abomination of Desolation), then the Rapture, followed by 1185 days of God's Wrath and finally 30 days to cleanse the Temple for a total of 2550 days or 7 years... Daniel's 70th week.

*** Disclaimer: Chick-Fil-A is not associated with the Rapture Calculator and they are probably Pre-Trib anyways. ***

* I've changed my mind on the third Temple being built on the Temple Mount. Check this blog out, BREAKING NEWS: THE THIRD TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY!

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